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A Hide'n'Teak original, COLOUR MY CHARACTERS are lasercut and engraved from high quality Birch plywood only 1.5mm thick! The wood is strong and durable and will outlast paper and cardboard, while easily coloured in using felt tip pens using the engraving as a guide.

Available in kits of five characters to use in diorama, albums and artworks. Also in bulk packs for parties and cafes.


The home of the miniature Fairy Houses, and Fairy Doors. Every Fairy House is hand crafted from windfall timber, heat treated for hygiene and safety, and individually painted. The Fairy Doors are cut from a variety of woods such as Oak, Yew and Walnut ready for a paint finish or left in their beautiful natural condition.

Also, delightful original artworks painted in Acrylic on stone roofing slates, ancient hardwoods, crystals and books can be found readymade and listed individually or they can be commissioned from our artist to your desire.


Hide'n'Teak "Game in a Bag" traditional board games, notebooks, journals or your book of shadows bound in leather and engraved or hand painted.


All these products are designed and made following the ancient principles and craft. Masks, Runes, Book of shadows, Maps or text engraved on fine hide, or engravings on holy woods. Also custom designs to suit your own beliefs. Please contact Hide'n'Teak with your ideas.


Our associates cut intricate patterns by hand into original coins from around the world to make delightful and unique items of jewellery.

Totally hand finished by UK artist with tiny metal cutting saw blades and files, each piece is an original artwork.

All prices include delivery to UK address.



From time to time Hide'n'Teak will post up products made by talented artists whose work needs a wider market. Keep an eye on this section for new products.

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